Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Murphys and McNabbs Come To Visit

We had a great weekend last weekend. Ryan, Jeni, Cole, Cletus, Maryjane and Jon were all in town and we were able to spend some quality family time with everyone.

Cole and Connor really enjoyed playing together and it was fun to see their bond starting to grow already.

Sunday was family picture day and then lunch back at our house. The boys - minus Jon as he had to go home to study...BUMMER! :( - then went downtown to watch the Colts vs. Bears in the first regular season game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Pat said the stadium was neat, but the game was AWFUL!

Unfortunately I only have one picture that turned out semi-decent from the weekend so here is a shot of the boys playing! More pictures to come of our professional family photo session...I think they are going to be AWESOME!

First Day of School

I have Connor in a "Mother's Day Out" program this year, but they call it school so I am calling it school! He is going every Wednesday from 9 AM - 2 PM...which is good for both of us! He will get some socialization with other kids as well as educational components and I will be able to get some things done without my little man at my feet! Here are a few pictures from his first day of school!
I am ready for my first day of school!

In the car on my way (can't forget Mickey!)!

First IU Football Game

Two weekends ago Pat, Connor, Penny and Bob (Pat's parents...aka Meme and Pops) went down to Bloomington for an IU Football game. It was Connor's first game and I think he enjoyed it (the cheering scared him a little, but other then that he was perfect). It was a very HOT and sunny day so we only made it until halftime as Connor needed a break from the heat. We had a great day and look forward to many more fall days on the Bloomington campus with our little guy.

Meme, Pops and Connor

My first tailgate and I LOVED the Cheetos! :)

Family Photo

Watching the game with Daddy's hat on to shield the was HOT! :)

Children's Museum with Meme and Pops

A few weeks ago Connor and I took a trip to the Children's Museum with Meme and Pops. It was a very fun day. Here are some pictures of Connor, Meme and Pops on the carousel...not the best pictures, but you get the idea! :)