Saturday, August 15, 2009

Indiana State Fair

We took our annual trip the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night with Meme, Pops, Ga Ga Kris (Ga Ga Tom was home sick...sad!), Aunt MJ, Uncle Jon, Connie and Brian. It was a blast! Mom and I broke off from everyone to attend the Keith Urban concert and it did not disappoint. It was an AWESOME show...he is an amazing musician and he put on a great show!

Petting the calf with Aunt MJ
I sure did enjoy Ga Ga Kris' and Meme's lemonade

And Daddy's corn...

I am not so sure I want to be this close to this cow Mama...

Pool Fun with Patrick and Olivia

We had a great time on Saturday morning/afternoon with Patrick and Olivia at the pool. Here are a few shots!
Everyone had crocs except me!

Connor's First Colts Game

We hit the first Colts pre-season game on Friday night with Meme, Pops and Patrick. This was Connor's first Colts game and we had a blast...he was even in to watching the game. I am sure this will be his first of many games!
Patrick on the ice skate...great shot of Lucas Oil in the background

Godfather and Godson

Connor on the skate...

Watching the game with Meme and Pops

Walking in to my first Colts game

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Big Boy" Play Date

Connor had his first "big boy" play date as Eileen dropped Katie off to play for a little this morning. Connor was so excited and talked about Katie all morning until she got her. They played wonderfully together and Eileen and I are super excited to start doing this on a regular basis.

I had to put all three of the rocking chair pictures on here because I thought they were all cute. LOVE the way they are looking at each other!

The train table was a hit!

Snack Time!

They each had to have a buddy for this picture...

Playing together on the horses

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicago Videos

Attached are the videos we took while on our trip to Chicago. One of the Millennium Park ones is long (sorry about that) but I thought those far away may enjoy it! Enjoy! :)

Video #1: Connor and Mommy Jumping

Video #2: Playing at Millennium Park (this is the long one)

Video #3: Connor and Daddy Splashing

Video #4: Cole and Connor Running Around the Murphy Home

Video #5: Connor, Griffin and Ga Ga Tom Singing the Five Little Monkeys Song (sorry it is kind of dark)

Week in Chicago

Pat, Connor and I just got back from a very fun week in Chicago. Here are some things we were able to do on our summer "vacation":

  • Annual McIntosh Family Boat Cruise on Lake Michigan in memory of Pat's
    grandfather, Poppy.
  • Date night for Pat, Ryan, Jeni and D while Meme and Pops had a fun night with the boys. Some YUMMY Chicago (thin crust) pizza and a movie...the Hangover (highly recommend it).
  • A day at the Shedd Aquarium with Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jeni and Cole.
  • Water time - Sprinklers, public pools, backyard pools...Connor LOVES water right now!
  • Play time for Connor and Cole (Connor just could not get enough of his cousin)
  • A day in the city as a family. We walked along the river, had a nice lunch near Lake Michigan, saw the Bean, played in the water at Millennium park, shopped on Michigan Ave. and had an AMAZING pasta dinner (thanks Ryan!) before jumping back on the train and heading home (Connor LOVED the ride down and back).
  • Dinner with Aunt Jeni, Uncle Ryan and Cole at the Train Cafe.
  • Uncle Ben's 30th Birthday party BBQ where we were able to catch up with family and friends.
  • Time with Uncle Ben, Auntie Julia, Griffin, Ga Ga Tom and Ga Ga Kris.
  • Good food, good family and good times!

** Note #1: This is just a sampling of the pictures from the week. All pictures can be found under the Murphy Family Picture Site link to the right of this post. **

** Note #2: The pictures go in reverse order...the end of our trip to the beginning. I did not feel like messing with the format.

Ga Ga Tom, Connor and Griffin

Ga Ga Kris, Connor and Griffin

Connor hanging out in Griffin's new pool

Post dinner at our WONDERFUL Italian restaurant downtown. Connor really enjoyed his meal.

Connor enjoying pasta...his favorite food.

Daddy and Connor before dinner

Connor and Daddy splashing around at Millennium Park

Connor checking out the water at Millennium Park

Checking out the Bean...pretty cool!

Hanging out on Connor's first train ride to the city. He LOVED it!

Cole and Connor after a fun swing at Five Seasons

Shedd Aquarium

Rowing at boat at the Shedd

Cole and Connor LOVED the fish!

On the little ride on train at the Train Cafe. He was not a huge fan.

They LOVED this part. Pushing the buttons to make the pieces of the train work.

Playing with the sprinkler whale in Cole's backyard.