Saturday, June 5, 2010

Epcot Video

Here is a video of Connor dancing at Epcot. I tried to post the video with the Disney post, but for somesome reason it was not working!

Blue Eyed Connor

A GREAT pic of Connor at Crew and Caitlin's Wedding a few weekends ago. This was around 11 PM and he was still kicking. I love his eyes when he wears this shirt! :)

Connor's New Room

We moved Connor in to his new room right when we got back from Florida and he has done WONDERFUL! We were very lucky and don't have any of those nightmare stories about not sleeping, getting up,, let's cross our fingers that this continues! He loves his new room and his big boy bed.

I want to give special thanks to a few people for the AWESOME room! First off, a huge thanks to Pat for all the hard work, time and energy he put in to the room. Pat put up crown molding and bead board and it looks great! He also did all the painting since it was during my first trimester and hung all the decorations (this was with my help!). Thanks also to Pops, Kurt and Chris for their help on the room! Finally, one last thank you to my BFF Erin for helping me figure out the colors/theme/comforter for the room...I was having a hard time coming up with colors since I did not want to do just blue and I LOVE how it turned out! I must remember not to always be so matchy matchy! :)
My favorite decoration is the CONNOR piece that you see in this picture. A friend of ours creates/draws/is the artist for these and they are very cool! Around each letter he drew cartoon type pictures of things that start with the letters of his name...nouns that we gave him that remind us of Connor. VERY COOL!

The only thing that we have left to hang are his initials and they will go on the blank wall by the window. I figured the room was one enough to post the pictures! :)

Florida and Disney

Sorry this post is so late, but I wanted to put some pictures up from our trip to Florida and Disney that we took in April/May. Connor and I were in the sunshine state for two weeks (the majority of that spent at my parents in Stuart) and then Pat joined us for the last four days at Disney. Here are some pics from the AWESOME time we had! Note: This is just a sampling of the pictures...if you would like to see them all, click on the Murphy Family Picture Site on the right side of this blog and it will take you to all of them!

This picture reminds me of Tom Cruise in Risky Business! :)

Parade around the pool!

Making cupcakes for Connor's half birthday!

Hot, sweaty little boy watching and LOVING the parade!

Getting his autograph book ready for Chip and Dale! He did MUCH better with the characters this time around...he still was not a fan of hugging them or anything, but at least he did not scream and cry when they came over. He was all about going over towards them, but then got a little shy when they got close.

Family picture with Simba and Rafiki

Playing the drums at Epcot

Pluto is one of Connor's favorites at the moment so he was happy to see him!

Showing us something he likes in the parade

Soooo cute...holding grandpa's hand after Fantismic at Hollywood Studios. Connor was a TROOPER this day and went 9 AM - 9 PM without any major melt downs!