Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

What a great 4th of July weekend! We started it off with an Indians game on Friday night with the Thomas family...Connor LOVED the fireworks after the game. Then, on Saturday we headed over to Conner Prairie during the day with my Mom and Dad to check out the festivities and animals.
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Unfortunately, Pat and Connor both came down with a little bug on Sunday so we had to bail on our plans to attend Symphony on the Prairie and the fireworks with both sets of parents, but they went and said ti was a blast...next year!

Sunday, Connor started to feel better in the late afternoon so we headed over to Mom and Dad's for a quick dip in their development pool and then had a nice Italian dinner with them.

Gearing up for the baseball game!

Connor LOVED the fireworks and just sat in my lap with a big smile on his face the entire time.

Holding a baby chick at Conner Parried...he did not really like when the feet touched his hands!

LOVES horses!

Milking a cow...a pretend cow!

He found the stuffed animals and puppets once we got inside...as always, his favorite! :)

Connor picked out his outfit on Saturday and spent 3/4 of the day in his Tigger Halloween costume. It was 90 degrees out so halfway through our trip at Conner Prairie he asked me if he could change in to his shorts and t-shirt that I brought! Silly guy!

He LOVES to jump in the pool...especially if you tell him to be Buzz Lightyear and you say "To Infinity and Beyond!". Here he is being Buzz!

Christ the King Festival

Just a few fun pictures from the Christ the King Festival this year...


Best Buddies

Katie Bug

I love how much they love each other! :)

Thomas the Train

A Day Out with Thomas the Train! A few weeks ago Mom, Dad, Connor and I made the trek out to Connersville, IN to see Thomas the Train...LIVE! Connor absolutely loved the blue engine and had a blast on the train ride. Here are some other pics from the day...sorry they are out of order starting from the end of our excursion to the beginning!
Petting the llama
Feeding the goats

Playing with one of the many train tables they had set up

Connor and Gaga Tom loved the mini golf

Connor's favorite part of the day!

Enjoying the train ride

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach Trip with Willis Family

We took a quick vacation down south a few weeks ago to visit our dear friends, the Willis Family. We met Sue and Nick (and eventually the kiddos!) when they lived up here in Indy. We sadly always knew they would end up back in their home state, but knew that when they did...we would be able to visit them! :)

We started the trip in Birmingham, headed down to Sue's parents BEAUTIFUL beach home in Orange Beach for a few days and then ended the trip in Birmingham.

The boys are only about 3 months apart in age and LOVE being together. They had so much fun and so did we! Any time with the Willis Family is a good time!

Thanks for a great vacation Willis and Lovoy Families!

Too cute...Connor doing his breathing treatment the two buddies watching a movie! Daddies, boys and books...LOVE this picture!

No water time because of the oil, but the boys loved playing in the sand.

A shot before dinner Popsicles by the pool
Two peas in a pod
They both had so much fun swimming together and jumping in the pool...no fear of water from either one of these boys!
Picnic lunch by the pool