Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Touch a Truck

We had a fun morning today as we visited an event called Touch a Truck at Carmel High School. We made this visit with Sarah & Miles Habegger and Sue & Carter Willis. Although all three boys are in to trucks, some of the horns and such were a little loud for our little ones. Never the less, we had a fun morning and capped it off with lunch at Patachou...can't go wrong with a day like today!
Carter and Connor by the army truck

Connor running around the back of a U-Haul

Carter and Connor in the golf cart

Connor on the fire truck...and let me say he was not that happy about it

Connor in the State Trooper police cruiser. He got to turn the lights on and really liked this.

My semi-successful attempt at getting a shot with all three boys in it!

Connor on the school bus...this was his favorite truck of the day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake Freeman Weekend

What a great weekend! :) We had a super fun weekend up at Lake Freeman with the Countryman Family, McGowan Family, Horton Family, Nick and Danny. It was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much to the Countryman's for the invite and hospitality!

The Why Store! :) The Why Store sailed by on a big boat playing a concert so we all stood in our "Y" pose as they passed. Great idea KJ! :)

Connor and Katie taking a dip!

The kids enjoying the pool.

Katie warming up...she still has her water wings on.

The amazing home we got to stay in.

Connor and Daddy enjoying Connor's first experience tubing!

Here are a few videos from the weekend. The first is Connor and O splashing away and the second is Connor and Katie playing with the water by the pool. Too cute! :)


Last Friday Connor decided to boycott his nap and played up in his crib for about 90 minutes. When I finally decided to go get him up, this is what I found. He had pulled the hamper next to his crib IN TO his crib and had put all his "bedtime stuff" (stuffed animals, blankets, books, etc...) inside. The video at the end of the post is him digging through to find Tigger. Too cute! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Connor sure is taking to the water this summer. He loves his "bubble" and just swims around and around in the big pool. The past few times we have hit Highland he does not even have an interest in the baby pool! Here are some pics of him swimming away...his little arms and legs go 100 miles a minute when he swims!

Eating with Ga Ga

Connor had a sleepover at my Mom and Dad's last Saturday night so Pat and I could get out to enjoy a date night! My Dad was eating blueberries and Connor was eating goldfish. My Mom thought they were too cute together and got these great pictures. Connor sure does love his Ga Ga (how Connor says Grandpa).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Visit to Rhode Island

Connor and I recently took a trip out east to visit family in Rhode Island (Pat had to stay behind to work and attend his grandmother, Nana's, 90th birthday party. We were bummed to miss the party but were thinking about everyone on Nana's big day!). Here are some pics from the trip!
Brooke and Griffin

Great Gram with her great grandsons

Taber, Daisy and Connor relaxing on the couch

Before Chad and Adriana's Wedding

Daisy, Connor, Griffin and Taber at the park


Taber and Connor hanging out
John and Griffin

Ice Cream Cones

Connor has recently discovered ice cream and LOVES it...but will really only eat it if it is on a cone so sometimes it gets a little messy...messy, but super fun. I just love to watch him eat ice cream cones!

Matching Hats

Pat and Connor are ready for the upcoming Colts season! Now, let's just hope that Connor will keep his hat on this winter!