Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog "Tagged"

My girlfriend Sue (see Willis family blog to the right) "tagged" me on her blog last week and I am finally getting around to participating in this fun game.

The tag said I am supposed to share five random facts about myself, so here it goes!

1. My degree from Indiana University is in Secondary Education/Mathematics and I have never taught a day in my own classroom. I student taught for 12 weeks down in Bloomington, IN and then never pursed the career. I have been in sales and fund-raising jobs since college...but have yet to teach.

2. I have a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on my stomach that I got on Spring Break in South Padre Island, Texas my sophomore year of college. Who knows what I was thinking...

3. I love to organize everything and unfortunately everyone in my life! This may not be as random as I originally hoped (especially for those that know me well), but being organized is a way of life for me, I guess. I am trying to be more relaxed about things...but I still LOVE to be as organized as I can be.

4. I LOVE basset hounds. Most people do not enjoy this breed of dog as they say the are smelly and messy, but I love the big lugs. I hope that someday Pat decides that Connor needs a basset hound...

5. I love to play games and cards. My husband is not a huge game/card player and life just always seems way to busy for this activity lately, but I LOVE it and I miss it. I need to start playing more games again.

I now tag Kelly McCulloch, Sarah Habegger and Mike Barron to post 5 random things about themselves! :) Have fun!

Florida Trip

Connor and I recently returned from a ten day trip to visit my parents in Florida. We had a great time and took TONS of pictures (I should say Mom took tons of pictures...I came home with 9 on my camera and she had over 100...I still need to get better at taking pictures! :)).

We had fun swimming in the pool, visiting Disney World, going to some yummy restaurants, checking out the beach where Aunt Julia and Uncle Ben are going to get married at the end of May and just hanging out.

Check out the entire album of photos under The Murphy Family Picture Site link to the right.


Mommy and I ready for the pool

Some pictures from my first of many trips to Disney World

Handsome boy

My first pair of Mickey ears...and, look what I can do with my tounge!

Grandpa and I

I love my sunglasses!

Grandma and I

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old Friends

About a year ago I was reacquainted with a childhood friend (Melissa) via email. We lived next door to the Hentges Family (Debbie, Roger, Melissa and Jill) when we lived in Minnesota many years ago (Ben and I were born in Minnesota and moved to Illinois when I was in first grade...the Hentges clan all still live in Minnesota).

Melissa and I have continued to chat over email and when I began planning my most recent trip to Minnesota I thought it would be fun to see her if it worked out. We were able to meet Melissa, her husband, her two boys (Jackson and Aidan) and her parents (Debbie and Roger) at the mall on Saturday afternoon.
It was wonderful to see them after all of these years. We talked about old times and just caught up on life.

How fun after all these years...

D and Melissa

Debbie, Connor, D and Melissa

Debbie, Connor, Roger, D and Melissa

Minnesota Trip

Connor had his first trip on an airplane last weekend as we took off for Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Schindler Family! He was great on the plane and getting through security at the airport was not as bad as I anticipated.

It was such a wonderful weekend and we had so much fun! Erin and I were able to catch up, shop, eat at some new restaurants and just hang out with the kiddos. We had a great time and can't wait until our next visit. Connor and Kendall are already buddies! Love and miss you guys!

By the way, this is only a small portion of all the great pictures we took from the weekend. Erin is a great photographer and took some wonderful photos. Check out the link to the Murphy Family Picture Site on the left side of this blog for all the photographs. The album is "Minnesota Trip - March 2008".

Dinner out with the kiddos...always an adventure! :)

Look...they already love each other! :)

Best Buddies

Bath Time Fun!

Kendall was such a big helper...she always wanted to help carry Connor! :) She will be a great big sister someday! :)

They each got new shoes on one of the shopping trips and Kendall was checking them out!

The new kicks! :)


What a wonderful day! Connor's first Easter and it was a great day!

We spent some time as a family Sunday morning (and got to play with what the Easter Bunny left for Connor), went to mass with Meme and Pops and then hung out at their house for the rest of the day. Penny made a yummy dinner and it was a nice, relaxing afternoon with family.

WOW...this stuff looks pretty cool! :)