Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Colts vs. Bears...

that is the question! :) Although I am a HUGE Colts fan like my Daddy, Pops and Uncle Ryan...Grandma Pucci, Uncle Ben and Aunt Julia are trying to convince me that the Bears are an all right team to cheer for as well. Grandma and Aunt Julia found me this cute Bears outfit and I wanted to show it I thought all of my Chicago family would enjoy this!

However, many of my Indy friends have also purchased me some Colts gear so I had to show that off as well!
The final consensus...I am a Colts fan, but the Bears are my second favorite team. :)

My First Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for this year and it made Thanksgiving even better then ever! We had a houseful of people and a great time was had by all. Connor enjoyed his first Thanksgiving by being held and spoiled all day...and, it gave Mom and Dad a break which was very nice for them as well!

We had my parents, Pat's parents, Maryjane and Jon, Auntie Honey, Uncle Bill, Auntie Lisa, Sam and Nick all over to our house to celebrate. It was very nice of my Mom's family (Honey, Lisa, Bill, Sam and Nick) to drive down from Chicago to spend a few days with us and it made the holiday extra special.

God has blessed us with so many wonderful friends and amazing families...and now we have a beautiful son to share it all with!

My First Thanksgiving in my super cute outfit (Thanks Aunt Cissy and Uncle Steve!)

Thanksgiving Family Photo

Auntie Honey trying to help me pose for my first Thanksgiving meditation picture...I was not a big fan, so maybe next year!

Happy Turkey Day!

Lots Going On!

Hello! We apologize for not posting in a while...we have been adjusting to life with Connor and the days just seem to fly by! A lot has happened since our last post and Connor is now almost 5 weeks old! It is amazing how much he grows each day and he is starting to interact more...which makes each day even more exciting! Here are some pictures of the past few weeks...enjoy!

Just hanging out with Dad

Cute little Hoosier...and how exciting that we are headed to a bowl game...GO IU!!!!

We have been very blessed to have many visitors come to meet Connor...and were very lucky when Pat's grandma (Nana) and his Aunt Linda and her two kids, Jacob and Lauren, drove down from Chicago right before Thanksgiving to see us, visit Penny and Bob and to meet Connor! Thanks for coming down, guys!!!! :)

My best friend Erin and her daughter Kendall came for a visit as well! We had a great time hanging out with the kids. Love you, Er! :)

Aunt Julia and Uncle Ben came down for a visit after Thanksgiving. It was so great to see them and they LOVED meeting Connor.

Multiple Generations...Great Grandma - Nana, Grandma and Grandpa Pucci & Pops all hanging out with Connor

Monday, November 5, 2007

Little Man

Just a couple of pictures I wanted to share. Connor is doing well and getting bigger is amazing how much he changes from day to day.
Mommy's Boy

Daddy's Boys

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Picture Site

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have set up a Shutterfly picture site where you can go to see pictures we have added. Just click on the link on the side of the this blog (The Murphy Family Picture Site) and it will take you to our albums. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Golf Ball

Many of you have asked the significance of the golf ball in Connor's bassinet at the hospital. My parents are HUGE golfers (as well as Pat, Pat's Dad, Pat's brother, etc..and I enjoy golf...just not as much as the rest of them) so when my Dad came to visit Connor the day after he was born he brought that golf ball and put it in his bassinet. Then, Pat took a few pictures. So, no real big story, just that this family really enjoys golfing and they all want Connor to start as soon as he can! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today was my first Halloween and I had a great day! Mommy dressed me up in my Halloween outfit and tired to put me in a pumpkin costume, but it was just way to big and she did not want to upset me...maybe next year! (Thanks JT and Kurt for letting Mommy borrow the costume!).

I had some visitors today...Laura and Anne Byron came over for lunch (thanks guys...can't wait to play again!), Meme stopped by after work, Natalie stopped by after school and then Nick, Sue and Carter Willis came by to trick or treat. Carter and I had a great time!


Hanging out on Halloween

Mommy and I...Owen is checking us out in the background

My friend Carter and I...he was a frog, hopefully next year I get to wear a costume (by the way...he is 8 weeks you think I will be that big soon?)

Mommy and Aunt Sue switched babies for the picture...

My First Week

Well...I am a week old and have been having a blast at home with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Pucci and all my friends and family that have stopped by to hang out with me.

I am starting to catch on to this eating thing (which makes Mommy very happy) and knock on wood, I am a pretty good sleeper so far (Mommy and Daddy really hope that continues but are both afraid that this ball could drop at ANY time).

Here are a few pictures from my first week.
Do you like my Winnie the Pooh hat?

I like to sleep on my side!

Aunt Maryjane, Owen and I.

Just chilling in my bouncy with my cute face!

Meme, Aunt Cissy and I...thanks for stopping by to see me Cissy and Steve!

Even my doggie is tired with me in the house now! :)

I am pretty cute, aren't I?

All bundled up and ready for my first walk!

Grandma Pucci came on my first walk with us!

Me, Owen and Mommy on our first walk of many! :)