Friday, December 28, 2007

Connor's Two Month Appointment

Pat and I took Connor to his two month appointment today and I don't know if it was harder on Connor or Mommy!!!! He did really well at the appointment and has progressed to the levels he should be at two months old.

He was around the 75th percentile for weight (12 pounds 13 ounces) and height (23 3/4 inches) and the 25th percentile for his head size (39 cm)...which is good because we thought he had a really big head like his daddy, but I guess not! :)

He had 5 vaccines today...4 shots and one oral and he did pretty well. I guess Mommy and Daddy can now recognize the "hurt" cry and the "I don't feel well" cry as we heard both of those today. He did not care for the oral vaccine and cried during the shots, but calmed down pretty quickly afterwards. He was good the rest of the morning (the appointment was at 9 AM), but around 2 PM he started to get a little fussy so Mommy and Connor pretty much spent the rest of the day cuddling on the couch. Although it was not fun to see my little man upset during the shots, I must admit I liked the cuddling this afternoon!

We got the OK to start using the Bumbo seat so we are going to start using that over the weekend. He should start to interact even more then he has been and we are super excited for that.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 was an extra special Christmas as it was our first Christmas with Connor. We just got back from a trip to Chicago where we spent the holiday with family.

We started at Ben and Julia's (who got engaged at the beginning of December so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to them) on Friday night where we played guitar hero & catch phrase, hung out with Connor and opened gifts. Thanks for all the great gifts guys, and are already spoiling Mr. Connor! :)

Then we headed down (or I should say over) to Western Springs where we spent the remainder of our trip at Ryan and Jeni's. They just moved in to a beautiful new home and it was a wonderful place to spend the holiday...thanks for everything, guys! :)

We celebrated Christmas with the immediate Murphy family on Saturday night and had a great time. Then Christmas Eve entailed mass (with the Thunander family) and cheese fondue for dinner. Christmas was a busy day with gift opening in the AM, the Murphy clan (Nana, Aunt Linda, Uncle Jake, Lauren, Jacob, Aunt Carol and Aunt Barbara) all over to Ryan and Jeni's for dinner and we concluded the day with a trip to Meme's where Penny's entire family was gathered (remember, she is one of 10 so we were excited for everyone to finally meet Connor).

Thank you to everyone for your generosity this Christmas season. It was so great to see everyone and Connor loved meeting all of you and spending time with family.

Enjoy the pictures (and, this is just a sampling...all our pictures from our trip are in the Shutterfly album you can get to from our blog)!

Ben and Julia playing Guitar Hero

Connor with Auntie Julia and Uncle Ben

Meme, Pat, Connor and Cole

Nana, Connor and Pat

Merry Christmas! :)

My AWESOME present from Aunt Maryjane and Uncle Jon...a new toy box! And, Aunt MJ designed the top and Uncle Jon painted it. Thanks guys! :)

Connor's fancy Christmas Eve outfit for Mass...thanks Auntie Honey!

Christmas Eve Family Photo

Getting ready for bed so Santa can come visit me...

Check out my hot Christmas outfit...thanks for the adorable pants, Pennington Family

My first Christmas gift...this is fun! :)

Christmas Day

Daddy and I before bed on Christmas Eve

Pops, Cole, Meme and Connor

Mommy's Sweet Pea

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun Pictures are just a few photos I wanted to share. Enjoy! :)

Playing and laughing with Mom

Look at me in my cute Santa outfit...thank you Auntie Lisa! :)

Mommy and Daddy are trying to teach me to love my teddy...they put it there, but I held on! :)

These are my friends...Alexa Patrick, Sofia Morelli, Dominic Morelli and Jake Patrick singing Happy Birthday to Jesus at our Jesus Birthday Party and ornament exchange. I was snoozing in my Baby Bjorn during this picture!

Silly did you get those treats like that in your mouth? :)


On Sunday afternoon, Connor met Santa for the first time! We were at a Holiday Brunch at Highland with the Willis Family...and a great time was had by all!

Holiday Family Photo

Sue and Carter Willis

I guess I will wake up to see you, Santa! :)

Cutie Carter with Santa

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bloomington, Indiana

On Saturday afternoon Pat and I were able to attend the Indiana/Kentucky basketball game down in Bloomington, IN. Thanks to Aunt Maryjane and Uncle Jon for watching Connor while we were at the game. He had fun!

It was Connor's first trip down to IU and we had to share the pictures!


Hanging out in my swing before the trip to IU

Aunt MJ and Uncle Jon

Great family photo...GO HOOSIERS!

My First Holiday Party

On Friday night I attended my first holiday party! Daddy had his work party and kids were invited. I was very good all night and pretty much slept in my car seat...then, I came home, ate and slept from 10 PM - 5 AM...I was a very good boy!! Everyone at the party thought I was pretty cute and they enjoyed meeting me.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cute Baby

Just some cute pictures of Connor that I wanted to post! :)

How comfy do I look in this picture? I love sleeping on Aunt Linda's shoulder.

Mom's FAVORITE picture right now!

This is the closest I have come to a smile for the camera...I am starting to smile socially, not often yet...but I do it sometimes!

Mommy and Daddy...I am coming to get you!

Praying in my sleep

New Laptop

My last few blog updates have been made from our brand new laptop and I wanted to share with everyone the story on why we have a new laptop...this is one for the baby book! :)

Connor has had a pretty bad diaper rash for the past few weeks and one of the best things for it, is exposure to open air. So, a couple of times a day we lay Connor down on a towel, completely naked, and he just hangs out. At this age there is only so much to do with him during his "awake" time, so after we played for a little bit I thought I would update the blog while he was doing his "open air time".

As he was laying there he began to pee and it shot up and landed on my laptop. I immediately wiped up the 10 drops of urine off of the computer and began to work again. At this point I noticed that the computer had frozen and I could not move my mouse, so I turned the computer off by holding the button down (I know you are not supposed to do this, but at this point I had no other option). After it shut down I went to turn it back on again and much to my surprise it would not turn back on.

Pat called Dell and after they helped him troubleshoot some things over the phone, they determined that they thought Connor's little incident fried the motherboard...ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! How could a little bit of urine do that???? Dell said they could fix it for $500, however, after doing some research we discovered we could get a new laptop with new technology for only slightly more then that and opted for that solution.

Needless to say, not the best way to start off December budget-wise, but what are you going to do.

Like I said, it makes for a good story for the baby book!

Owen Needs Some Blog Time, Too! :)

Owen has been a great dog since Connor arrived a little over a month ago. He is very good with the baby and has been wonderful with all of our guests in and out of the house. We have captured some cute pictures of him as well lately and wanted him to have some time on the blog.

Daddy found me like this on Thanksgiving...I know it looks uncomfortable, but I was enjoying the sleep!

This boppy sure does make a nice pillow...