Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Boy

My sweet little boy had a sleep over at his grandparents house last weekend (hist last sleepover before they returned to Florida) and came home with the following surprise.

My first bouquet of flowers from my little boy!

Then, he came home from a sleepover at Meme and Pops' house today with two more flowers for me...sorry I don't have pictures of those...he picked those from Meme's flower garden and unfortunately they did not last as long. I love my little man!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Indiana State Fair

Our annual trip to the Indiana State Fair did not disappoint this year (although none of us were brave enough to try the bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo...all served between two Krispy Kreme donuts! :)) and a great time was had by all. Some of the food eaten included corn dogs, soft pretzels, corn on the cob, grilled cheese from the Dairy Bar (my favorite), pork tenderloin sandwich (also very tasty), steak sandwiches and vanilla ice cream cones!

Driving the tractor with Grandma Kris

LOVE this picture!
Connor was ALL ABOUT the horses below pulling people on buggies and would not leave the stadium. He loved it!

Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary Celebration

A few weekends ago we spent a weekend in Chicago (downtown) to celebrate my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary (that they celebrated back in May) with them, Ben, Julia and Griffin. It was a wonderful weekend with the following highlights:

  • Riding in cabs without having to be in a car seat
  • Lincoln Park zoo
  • Gino's East pizza
  • White Sox game
  • Fireworks at the White Sox game during home runs
  • Watching Connor and Griffin play together
  • Wonderful time spent with family

Julia, Griffin and Ben...LOVE Griffin's face in this picture

The Murphy Family

Too cute!


Waiting in line to get in to Gino's

The boy who no longer naps was OUT on the walk from the hotel to Gino's

Connor is so in to animals and zoos right now (we hit the Indy zoo about once a week) and I just LOVE this picture

Connor, D, Julia and Mom bought the boys these shirts last time they were at Disney and so we had matching boys on Saturday!

Love that they were having so much fun together...I think Griffin is howling! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010


It is official...Connor is out of diapers and in big boy undies! :) We stayed home all week last week to "get the job done" and although there were some stressful times (I am sure mostly for Mommy), he had picked it up pretty good by Wednesday. As a reward for a "job well done", we celebrated at Monkey Joe's that Friday with Grandma and Grandpa Pucci. Here are some fun pictures of Connor "bouncing" at Monkey Joe's.
Going down the slide all by himself!

Climbing all by himself...the last time we went was in January (it was hard for me to take him as he wants me to jump with him and being pregnant, I couldn't do that! :)) he always needed help. Such a big boy!

Going down the big slide with Grandpa Tom

He loves to jump with all the zoo animals...and free falling in to this circle. This is his favorite area at Monkey Joe's.

Not sure Grandpa Tom knew what he was up for when I told him we were going to Monkey Joe's! :)

Being a monkey at Monkey Joe's...he sure does love this place! :) Way to go Connor!

Summertime Fun

Connor and Grandpa Tom eating vanilla ice cream (Connor's FAVORITE) cones at a recent sleep over.

Connor sure does LOVE his pasta! Guess he has some Pucci in him after all!

We have recently discovered that Connor LOVES corn on the cob...guess this is good since he does not eat any other vegetable!

Grandpa Tom and Connor at the Taste of Fishers

Grandpa Tom and Connor on the carousel at the zoo...another new favorite...the carousel!

Posing with the walrus. We LOVE the zoo and have probably hit it once a week (at least) this summer. Our favorite spot! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Day Trip to IU/Bloomington

Last Saturday we took a family day trip down to IU/Bloomignton to spend some time on campus and to also visit the McNabb Family and our new niece, Leah. It is always fun for Pat and I to get back to campus and even better now that we get to bring Connor with us!

Family picture on the football field

Mommy and Connor at one of Mommy's favorite spots on campus...Showalter Fountain

Future IU Football Player

Meme and Pops' 40th Wedding Anniversary Weekend/Celebration

The weekend of July 23 - 25 the Murphy Clan made our way down to Bloomington, IN to celebrate Meme and Pops' 40th Wedding Anniversary! What a celebration we had...pool time, great food, wonderful company and time on the water. Unfortunately Maryjane, Jon and Leah were not able to hit Eagle Pointe during the weekend (Leah came home from the hospital on Friday, so needless to say they were busy learning how to be parents!), but we all made separate trips to MJ and Jon's house to visit. Here are some pictures from the fun we had on Monroe Reservoir on our pontoon boat!
Driving with Daddy

Checking out the scene...

Connor made Daddy wear this life jacket for a little bit...he just wanted to make sure he was safe!

Thumbs up with Uncle Ryan

Cole and Connor

Aunt Jeni and sweet Mae

Great pic!

Ryan and Meme

Action shot on the boat

Leah Jane McNabb

We are so excited to announce a new addition to the Murphy Clan...Leah Jane McNabb! Jon and Maryjane (Pat's sister) welcomed their beautiful baby girl on July 20, 2010. We were able to make the trip down to Bloomington last weekend to visit the new family of three. We are so happy for Aunt Jane and Uncle Jon and are in love with Leah!

Sweet kisses!

She was too cute sleeping on her chin on my chest!

Proud Uncle Pat

Sweet Baby Leah

Touch A Truck

Last Wednesday we made our annual trek to Carmel's Touch A Truck with the Habegger family and as always, we all had a blast! Connor was slightly overwhelmed with all the trucks and horns in one area (so I don't have a TON of pics of him IN trucks as it was tough to get him to hop a board), but the boys did much better then last year.
We then hit Cafe' Patachou for a yummy lunch! The only thing that would have made the day even better would have been if Sue, Carter and Callen Willis could have joined us like last year. Miss you guys!
In the UHaul Truck

Miles and Connor in the mouth of the digger

In the back of a snow plow truck

Check out the size of the digger's wheel!

On the school bus...Connor's FAVORITE!!!!!

SO NEAT! They had a Life Line type helicopter on site this year and it actually took off while we were there. I have to say it was the best part of the day (besides the company)! :)