Sunday, October 25, 2009

Connor's 2nd Birthday

What a fun day! We had Ga Ga Kris over for breakfast (donuts, Ga Ga's doughboys and Da Da's famous scrambled eggs) and some present opening. Then, we had a little birthday party later that day. Thanks to everyone for making Connor's second birthday so special!

** Note: This is just a sampling of the pictures from the day. Please see our Shutterfly site (to the right) for all the photos.
The only picture out of order...Connor having fun with Ga Ga Kris while we were waiting for his party guests to arrive.

Birthday candles in my birthday dough boy!
Gifts from Mama, Dada, Ga Ga Kris and Ga Ga Tom

LOVED my new Elmo. He gives kisses!

The firetruck was a hit as well!

New Bob Sanders Colts jersey...mine from last year was a onsie!

He really enjoyed everyone singing to him and blowing out the candles!

Unfortunately the Willis family could not make my party, so we celebrated a little early with a week night dinner at Highland. They were kind and gave me my gift that night. I LOVE IT! It was my favorite toy I played with at Carter's, so it was perfect!

St. Pius Oktoberfest

When Mom (Ga Ga Kris) was in town visiting, St. Pius had their Inaugural Fall Festival, Oktoberfest. The event was held at the K of C and we had a great time. Connor had fun playing the kids games, listening to music, playing on the playground with Ga Ga and just hanging out on a pretty fall day!

Connor refuses to let us cut any of his food anymore, so him eating a hot dog at the festival was kind of funny! :) Note: We were also listening to music while we ate, so he was a little distracted as he LOVES music!


WOW...where does the time go? Can't believe that our little man is TWO! Happy Birthday, buddy! You bring Mama and Dada more joy then you can even imagine! We love you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Auntie Honey's Visit

We were very lucky this week and had a special visitor...Auntie Honey! She made the drive down from Chicago and we had a great 3 days together. Connor had so much fun with her and we can't wait until the next time we see her!
We did many fun things while she was here...


She came to Music Class with us...

We hung out at home...

Auntie Honey brought Connor a fun birthday/Halloween goodie bag with lots of candy, treats and fun toys!

She also gave Connor $5 of his OWN money and we went to Toys R Us and he picked out his own toy (he ended up choosing a 5 character set of Yo Gabba Gabba figures).

She came to gymnastics class..

And we had dinner on Monday night at one of her favorite places (that they don't have in Chicago), Chik-Fil-Et (not sure I spelled that correctly...)

Stony Creek Pumpkin Patch

When Auntie Honey was in town we also made a trek up to the Stony Creek Pumpkin Patch. We had a GORGEOUS afternoon and had a great time with the pumpkins and the fall activities. Sorry the pictures are in reverse order...the end of our trip to the beginning. I have to remember to download my pictures in reverse order when I am blogging! :)

Playing on the hay bales

With the cool "Pumpkin Tree"

Our three pumpkins...Auntie Honey likes the mis-shapen ones!

Choosing a pumpkin...

With Auntie Honey...

With Mama...

On the hayride from getting our pumpkins

On the hayride on the way to the pumpkin patch

Cole's 3rd Birthday

We were up in Chicago last weekend meeting our new niece, Mae, and celebrating our nephew, Cole's, third birthday. I did not get many pictures, but here are a few. Cole had his party a really neat train restaurant and fun was had by all.
Pat in the kids train hat...

Connor at the counter

Mike gave the hat a try as well...

Cole, Connor and Aunt Carol waiting for their lunches to come on the train

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Preview

Ben, Julia and Griffin were in town all weekend so we took the opportunity to get a few shots of the boys in their Halloween costumes. Griffin is going to be Nemo this year and Connor is going to be Tigger... Here was our best attempt at a picture or two!

We had a fun weekend...the adults made their way to Bloomington on Saturday for some tailgating and IU/OSU football. We had a great time and love when they come to visit us!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mama's Uggs

This is cute...minus the little injury and whining at the end! :)