Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Other Weekend Photos (January 2008)

Here are some other photos from the weekend! :)

I laugh now!

And smile more! :)

This is my favorite part of bath time...I love being warm after getting out!

Me and Grandma Pucci

Uncle Ben and I playing

More Baptism Photos

The baptism

Father Rob introducing Connor as the newest member of the church!

Connor and Daddy

Our Family...thanks for the shawl, Meme! :) This shawl has been used during McIntosh (Pat's maternal grandmother) baptisms all the way back to Connor's great grandmother!

Connor's Godparents...Brad and Eileen Countryman. Thanks for being so special to all of us!

Grandma and Grandpa Pucci
Pops and Meme

The Murphy Family

The Pucci Family

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Connor's Baptism

We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends to celebrate Connor's baptism. My parents flew in from Florida, Ryan, Jeni, Cole, Ben and Julia came down from Chicago and Maryjane and Jon came up from Bloomington.

Connor was perfect during the ceremony and didn't even mind the water on his head...the practice with the baths paid off! :)

We then came back to our house for a party and had a great time. Thank you to everyone for coming down or up or over to celebrate Connor's big day. We appreciate it! :)

And, once again I am the bad Mom with the camera...I gave the camera to Julia to use during the ceremony and the battery died (guess I should have checked that before we left!)! So, more pictures will be added after I get my Mom's pictures once she downloads them!

Proud parents

Happy Grandma

Daddy and his "mini-me"

Connor, Pat and God-mother (Eileen Countryman) with Connor's white cloth from the church

Little Slim

Since we all know Connor is Pat's "mini-me" I thought the Little Slim t-shirt was appropriate! :)

Sleepy Owen

Just some fun pictures of Owen in cute sleeping positions! :)

Check out his foot under his face!

Owen is all about sleeping on pillows lately...this is something new! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls Weekend...Plus Chicago

Connor and I made a trip up to Chicago this past weekend to visit some of my girlfriends/sorority sisters. We got up there on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We stayed with Nicole and had a great time!

Friday night we hung out with Nicole and Tim, ate chicken fajitas and just caught up.

On Saturday Kim, Jamie, Hayley, Bethany, Emily and baby Marianna came over to Nicole's for pizza and drinks. Connor was very excited to meet everyone but was especially excited to meet his girlfriend, Marianna, who was born a few days after Connor on 10/31/07. We all had a great time chatting, hanging with the babies, catching up and reminiscing about old times. Nicole..sorry about the red wine on the couch...I hope it came out (remember to let me know if it did not!).

I left my camera in Indy (I swear I am losing it) so I don't have any pictures from the weekend to post...however, if I get any from some of the girls I will add them! Look at I was typing the previous sentence, I received a few pictures from Hayley...thanks Hayls! :) And, now one from Jamie...thanks Jame!

It was a wonderful weekend and thanks to everyone for the hospitality and coming to us so Connor could go to bed! :)

D, Marianna and Emily

Mommy and Connor

Marianna and Connor...she is too cute! :) It was funny...she is all girl and he is all boy!

Jamie and Marianna