Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chicks Dig Scars

Auntie Honey sent Connor this cool "chicks dig scars" shirt a while back and we LOVE it! :) Thanks for the cool gift!

Breakfast and Santa Visit

We had a great day on Sunday with the Willis Family! It started with breakfast at Patachou (one of our favorite places) and then we hit the Nordstrom store downtown as we heard that had a GREAT Santa for little kiddos that may be a bit nervous around him (Connor was the nervous one...Carter did not care one bit!). The Santa was perfect (thanks for the suggestion, Becky!) and the boys had fun. Connor never cried, but was not really a fan of the man in the red suit, either Sorry the pictures are slightly out of order...too much to do with Christmas in two days to try to move them around! :)
I don't think Connor knew that Santa was in the picture!
The Willis Family ready for Christmas!

Connor's New Little People Airport that he LOVES!

Carter helping Connor open his gift


Connor helping Carter open his gift
More help!

Callen and Carter with Santa...Carter LOVED Santa!

LOVE this picture!
Connor is not so sure...we ran in to Santa walking through the store. Again, no tears...but a ton of uncertainty!

Chatting with Santa
Carter showing Santa that he has Santa on his shirt!
The boys in Santa's chair...again, Connor was NOT really sure he wanted to sit in this chair!

Box of Peanuts/Popcorn

My parents sent Connor's Christmas gifts last week and I think he had more fun playing in the packing peanuts (he kept calling it "popcorn") then he does with most of his toys. I will say our house was a DISASTER when he was done playing, but watching him have so much fun was worth it!

Train Conductor

LOVE IT! He did not want me to take his picture, but he looked too cute so I was sneaky! :) He put this outfit on all by himself. Again, LOVE IT!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo and Children's Museum

Grooming the reindeer at the Children's Museum

Connor, Dominic and Sofia at the zoo

Connor LOVED this Santa at the zoo

Thanksgiving in Florida

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving down in Florida visiting my Mom and Dad for NINE days! It was great as Pat was actually able to join us for the entire trip and we all had a great time. Very relaxing...lots of golf for Pat, pool for Connor and nice runs outside for me! Top that off with my Mom's wonderful home cooking and it was a great nine days! Thanks Mom and Dad! :)
Gaga Kris and Connor Making Rice Krispie Treats

Connor loved the noodle in the pool!

The frog that Connor got at Lion Country Safari...he sure does love his stuffed animals.

Connor and Daddy are GORILLAS!

Connor was a little hesitant to feed the goats at first, but then he LOVED it! He would just squeal with laughter when they took the food from his hands.

The drums at Lion Country Safari were fun!

Driving with his friends...
Riding the lion at Lion Country Safari

Family Picture

Connor tried his hand at golfing, too!

L O V E this one!

And this one!

Thanksgiving night

Deanna and Dad on Thanksgiving

Connor eating his Thanksgiving feast of pasta!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Activities

After hitting the Stony Creek Pumpkin Patch with Auntie Honey a few weeks ago, we also had some other Halloween festivities we participated in. Below are pictures from those festivities as well as Halloween...the actual 31st!

Halloween Party at Highland

Dancing with Mom to the spooky DJ

Belly up to the bar with Dad...he has vodka and I have sprite!


Zoo Boo with Carter, Callen and Aunt Sue


Getting ready for trick or treating!