Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

4th of July Photo Shoot with the Kids
Erin showing us all her ball...she loves ball and cars
Such a sweet big brother
Change of scenery
I will get the camera...
And, here is my car...
Cute Erin
Connor is getting to be such a big boy
Connor and Owen
Daddy and Erin on the Farrell Family boat watching fireworks

Michigan 2011 - Murphy Family Vacation

We just got back from a WONDERFUL week in Benton Harbor/St. Joe's Michigan on the Murphy Family vacation. It was a blast with great company, wonderful food, fun times with the kids and a never ending supply of Corona Lights! :)
Cole and Connor reporting the news a very fun Children's Museum in Benton Harbor
Erin on the this picture!
Great picture on the beach
Connor and Mae watching a movie and eating some popcorn
Connor and his outdoor movie theater on the deck
All the kids...Jon, Maryjane, Ryan, Jeni, D and Pat after our night out pizza dinner
Pat (after a few beverages) kissing the basset hound "corn dog" for Grandma Kris
Leah and Erin on the beach...a much warmer day today! Love the fact that these peanuts are only a couple of months apart!
All 5 grandchildren - Connor (3.5), Erin (9 months), Mae (1.5), Leah (11 months) and Cole (4.5)
Couldn't decide which one I liked better...I think maybe this one
And, with the grandparents...poor Leah was SO over pictures by this point!