Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 Month Pediatrician Appointment

Connor had his 15 month appointment this week and is doing great! He is weighing in at 28 pounds (90th percentile) and is 34 inches tall (off the charts!). Again, looks like we have a big boy on our hands!

Dr. Boyce was happy with his development...his words, chattering, interaction, eating with a spoon, etc...and said he looks to be a happy, healthy little boy.

He is just so much fun right now and I am just loving every minute with him! :)
I caught him reading by himself in his chair the other day and it was just too cute not to post!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Pictures

My Mom sent me a Shutterfly album last week and I wanted to share some of the pictures with everyone. There are some more from Christmas and some random Connor shots where he is beaming from ear to ear! :)
Grandpa is FUNNY!

Ooooo...that is a fun gift in my stocking!

The Pucci Family...not the best shot, but the best picture we got from the holidays.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Toy

Connor fell in love with this toy up at Ryan and Jeni's. So much so that we bought him his own chair when we got home! :) Just a few cute pictures on him in his chair. Too bad that Colts onesie will have to be retired...moving on to the real jersey for big boys next football season! :)

Murphy Christmas

After a few days in Algonquin, we headed to Western Springs to spend a few days with the Murphy side at Ryan, Jeni and Cole's. Here are the boys opening their Christmas gifts from Meme and Pops! Good times! socks!

Both boys got drum sets (different ones) and LOVED them!

Story time before bed...

Pucci Christmas

We had a great time celebrating the holidays with the "Pucci/Adams" side of the family up in Algonquin, IL at Ben and Julia's new home. Although Connor came down with the stomach flu on 12/23 (and then proceeded to pass it along to many other family members...YUCK!) we still had a great time.
Sorry I don't have any pictures of Connor opening gifts on Christmas morning...he was still under the weather so really wasn't in to it and Pat was in bed sick so I was a solo act and it was hard enough keeping him happy let alone taking pictures! :)

Lisa, Bill, Sam and Nick Adams...darn good looking family! :)

Christmas Eve Family Photo


Owen was all about Dobber and Tucker's much so that he had to keep two in his mouth at once so another doggie would not take them! :)

Highland Santa Brunch

We had a great time with friends at the Highland Santa Brunch this December. It was so fun to see all the kiddos dressed up and ready for the holidays! Connor was not a fan of Santa, so that is why we don't have a picture of him. Here are some cute ones of Connor and Carter opening their gifts from each other!

Best Buddies

Oooo...this looks cool! :) (Connor is big in to saying oooo these days...especially while opening gifts!)