Thursday, October 27, 2011

Connor is FOUR!!!!!!

I can't believe this guy is FOUR years old! WOW...time sure does fly!

Connor had a great birthday weekend and a great day on Tuesday...a special sticker, plate and napkin at school was a highlight, as well as a trip to Toys R Us and then dinner at Paradise.
He had his four year appointment with Dr. Boyce and he is very happy with our little guy. Connor weighs 41 pounds (50-75 percentile) and is 44.5 inches tall (95th percentile). He passed all of Dr. Boyce's questions and tests with flying colors and did a great job!
Sorry for the picture below...I can't believe I did not get a picture on his actual birthday on Tuesday...this one is fun though!

Connor The Firefighter

Connor has been SUPER creative these days about being a firefighter. They have been learning about fire safety at school and then he went to cousin Cole's 5th birthday at a firehouse, so we have firemen on the brain!
He uses his raincoat, the hat he got at school, his rain boots, the Star Wars mask he got from Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jeni, Cole and Mae for his birthday and his "oxygen" is a cow bag (filled with tools to help fight the fires) that Uncle Jay, Auntie Erin, Kendall and Cole gave him for his birthday last year.

Just had to share his creativity!

Connor's Family Birthday Party

The following day, we had Connor's family birthday party and unfortunately I was a slacker with the camera. Here are a few pictures of him opening his gifts and a video of everyone singing Happy Birthday!
Thank you so much to everyone for making his Leggo Star Wars party a success...he had a great time!

Connor's Friend Birthday Party

Connor had some school and other friends over for a birthday party last Friday afternoon. He went with a Cars theme for this party and the kids had a blast! We had a Cars pinata and a Castle Bounce House that was a huge hit!

The house all decorated and ready for the kids!
Maddie, Michael and Joshua getting some play time in
Boys being boys!
Sweet Maddie
Daddy and and Erin monitoring the bounce house!
Ready for cake!
The whole gang!
Erin sure does love the cake...the kids got a KICK out of this and were laughing hysterically!

Video on Left: Tatum, Connor, Chase and Aidan bouncing

Video on Right: All the kids singing happy birthday to Connor

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Birthday Pictures

Here are some more pictures from Erin's birthday party. Her Godmother, Aunt Caitlin, is a great photographer and just sent these to me. LOVE ALL OF THEM! Enjoy! :)

Did I mention this gal LOVES her pasta? :)
Erin and Meme
Family Shot
The Murphy Family

Connor not cooperating for the camera! :)
Birthday Girl
She didn't like something... :)
I will get the camera
Posing with her Godfather, Uncle Crew

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Erin's One Year Well Baby Visit

Erin had her one year well baby visit with Dr. Boyce this week and everything looks great! He is happy with her growth and development and expects her to be walking, soon!
She is weighing in at 23 lbs and is 31.5 inches tall.
Funny, Connor weighed two pounds more at a year and was a 1/2 inch taller...they certainly are brother and sister!

Erin's First Birthday

Erin is ONE! :) Our baby girl turned one last Wednesday (9/28) and we celebrated with a pancake breakfast & gifts, dinner and cupcakes with Meme and Pops and then her party on Saturday. Enjoy the pictures!
Opening gifts
Checking out her new toy...
Kind of figuring out the opening part...
Connor celebrating!
The best picture I could get of Erin the morning of her birthday in her SUPER cute birthday outfit that we borrowed from cousin Leah (Thanks Aunt Jane, Uncle Jon and Leah! :)...she LOVES to move so that makes getting pictures a little tough these days!
Connor trying to help...Erin wasn't a fan.
My first bite of cake and she LOVED it! These were the cupcakes we had on her actual birthday.
Like I said, she loved it!
Opening gifts at her party
Cute birthday girl
Mommy made my favorite dinner for the party...pasta! :)
The cake
Erin's smash cake
Singing Happy Birthday
Getting ready to dig in to her cake...with Maggie, Lola and Connor looking on.
Here she goes again...
She ended up eating almost the whole #1!