Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread House

Connor and I had tons of fun putting together our first gingerbread house the other day. Here are some pics from the photo shoot...Connor was being kind of goofy! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The only pictures I have from Thanksgiving this year...our attempt at a picture of Meme and Pops with all five of their grandchildren. As I am sure you can imagine, it is always an adventure! :)
Cole sitting on top of the couch, Mae under Cole, Leah in Meme's lap, Connor standing on couch and Erin in Pops' lap.

Fun Filled Weekend!

We had another fun filled family weekend at the Murphy home! We had Breakfast with Santa at St. Pius on Saturday AM and Saturday also brought our first significant snow storm of the season. Top it off with movie night...Lion King...it was a great Saturday!
Connor wanted to talk to Santa, but did not want to sit on his lap (pardon my fat rolls...I can't WAIT for January 1 to get this baby weight OFF! :))

Intently listening

LOVE Connor's face in this one...

Erin's first picture with Santa...

All ready to check out the snow!

Can't wait to get outside!

Making a snowman

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visit From Auntie Erin

We all had such a great time (especially Mama) when Auntie Erin came to visit a few weeks ago. She got a few pics while she was here!

He is such a good big brother!

Erin with her Auntie Er

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Week and Weekend

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving week and weekend! After Auntie Honey left, Pat was able to take some time off of work so he returned home on Tuesday around noon and was home until Monday AM...we had so much fun! Not much time to write, but we had a blast and here are some pics from the week and weekend!
** Unfortunately I did not get any pictures on Thanksgiving Day...bummer...but Penny and Bob have some of them with all of the grandkids and when I get a copy from them, I will post it! **
On the way to breakfast with Auntie Honey

At breakfast...

Picking out the perfect Christmas Tree. We really do have a great tree this year!

Erin in the holiday spirit getting ready to head downtown for the Circle of Lights.

My two precious kiddos

Circle of Lights

Connor and Erin pretending Pat was Santa Claus (all Connor's idea because we found the hat while decorating and since Pat has a beard, Connor said he should be Santa! :))

Decorating the tree

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well Baby Visits

I am a little behind on this post, but wanted to post the stats of my two healthy children from their last couple of doctor's appointments.
Connor's Three Year Appointment: Dr. Boyce was very happy with Connor's growth & development and he continues to be our big kid. He weighed in at 36.5 pounds (90th percentile) and is 40.5 inches tall (95th percentile). Not bad for a kid who only likes snacks and not meals! :) He did get a flu shot and one updated vaccine...it was horrible! He looked at me like he could not believe I was letting them stick him with the needles and I felt horrible. I think kids getting shots may be worse for the parents!
Erin's One Month Appointment: At this appointment Erin weighed in at 7 pounds and was 19 3/4 inches long. Not sure percentiles, but she had grown since birth so we were all happy!
Erin's Two Month Appointment: We had this one today. She weighed in at 9 lbs 4 ounces and is 21 inches long. Not sure percentiles again, but she is definitely growing and that is all that matters. No real concerns with Ms. Erin either...she does tend to like to turn one way with her head so she is getting a little flat on one side (Connor got pretty flat so this did not surprise me) and we will work to make her turn her head to the left a little bit more to hopefully correct this. She also had her first round of vaccines and has been pretty much out the rest of the day...sleeping in our arms or in her swing. We are going to start working on a nighttime routine for her, with tonight being the first night...so wish us luck!
All in all, two healthy kiddos...we are extremely blessed!


We have been busy, but we sure have been having fun!

Auntie Erin came to visit last week from Minnesota (I regret to say that I did not take one picture :() and we had a blast! She really enjoyed meeting Erin and spending time with Connor and I enjoyed having my best friend around for a few days. Love you and miss you tons!
Then, Auntie Honey came to visit for a few days after Erin left and we had a great time as well. It was great having an extra set of hands around and I got a ton done while Auntie Honey spent a lot of time holding Erin and playing with Connor. Auntie Honey was much better with her camera, so here are some pictures!
Connor is a great big brother!

Tummy Time
Rocking my hood...

Big mouth smile


Me and my Mommy

Having fun

Fireman Connor

Looking cute while playing with the new Mickey Camper Auntie Honey got him for his birthday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Connor the Cowboy

We were playing the other day and Connor asked me if I had a cowboy hat he could wear...how cute is he! Plus, he had on the shirt and vest Meme and Pops gave him for his birthday that is just ADORABLE, so I had to post the pics and video. LOVE how he is standing in the second picture!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My two precious giraffes!
LOVE this outtake! I swear Connor was not hitting Erin here...she started to fall over and he was trying to help catch her. Sure does look funny, doesn't it? :)

On our way to Zoo Boo...Trick or Treating at the Indianapolis Zoo

Connor and Daddy with a fellow giraffe

Mommy and Erin with the giraffes

Trick or Treating at Meme and Pops'

You will note that Connor is no longer a giraffe, but a dinosaur! THANK GOD for Aunt Kate...we were at their home eating dinner prior to Trick or Treating and Connor got a little caught up in the excitement and forgot to tell us he needed to go potty. Again, THANK GOD Aunt Kate had an extra costume and Connor was all about being a dinosaur when he saw it. PHEW...crisis averted! :)

Jack, Olivia, Patrick, Connor, Maggie and Katie

All the kiddos (and Erin) ready to go get some candy!

Connor's Family Birthday Celebration

Connor followed up his fun Friday with a great family birthday party on Saturday. Here are some pictures from the party and from his birthday weekend...again, in a random order (I don't have time to move things around to put them in the right order...I am lucky I am even getting this post done! :)).

Thanks to all our friend and family for making Connor's third birthday FANTASTIC!
Grandma and Grandpa with Connor and Erin on one of their last nights in Indy.

Connor in his new Buzz Light Year jammies that he LOVES!

Everyone singing him Happy Birthday! Getting ready to help Mom cut the cake...

Family Photo

Closer family photo

Blowing out the candles

Farm Cake

He has wanted this Little People A to Z Learning Zoo FOREVER!

Opening the Learning Zoo

Opening Gifts

Waiting patiently for everyone to gather in the family room for gift opening!

He is one spoiled kiddo! :) THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!