Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Kendall!!!

We just wanted to wish Kendall Schindler a Happy 2nd Birthday!!! Connor misses his girlfriend and we miss her Mommy and Daddy!

Love you guys!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had a great summer and have stayed pretty busy. Here are some recent pictures from some of these events as well as just some candids of Connor.

I have also added some new albums with more photos to the Murphy Family Picture Site at the link to the right, so check those out as well!

First time eating lasagna...YUM!

Drinking out of my "big boy" Connor cup

We had a play date with the Wrights and Hendrichs a few weeks ago and got to play in the pool with Dana, Heather, Lucas, Gavin, Koy and Quin. We had a great time! Here are a few pictures of Connor inspecting a paint brush and Koy dressed up as Spiderman!

I love my backyard pool!

Grandma's bracelet helped entertain me before lunch...

Hanging out with Grandpa

Playing at the Laughlins...Jameson was very nice and shared all of his toys with me.

Children's Museum

A few weeks ago Mom, Dad, Auntie Honey, Connor and visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum. Now that Connor is a little older and more mobile he can do more at the museum and we all had a great time. Here are some pictures! :)

Crawling around!

Now, how do I pick up this block?

Oooooo sand...this is fun! :)

Showing us how big he is at lunch.

Connor LOVES water and I know that is going to just L O V E the water table when he can stand and walk. We could only play here for a few minutes as he wanted to put everything in his mouth. :)

2008 Indiana State Fair

Pat, Connor and I made our way to the state fair last Thursday night. We ate some yummy fair food and visited the pig, cow, sheep and horse barns. Connor LOVED the animals and got so excited each time we made it to a new area.

This was the biggest horse I have ever seen!

Katie Countryman's First Birthday Party

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!! My god-daughter and good family friend, Katie Countryman, turned one on August 2nd. Pat, Connor and I had a blast at her first birthday party. By the way, Katie and Connor will be in the same class when they start school so we love that they are already friends! :)