Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Auntie Honey's Visit

Auntie Honey came in to town last weekend and we had a great time. We started with a cookout at our house Saturday night, Conner Prairie and dinner at Scotty's Lakehouse on Sunday and then breakfast on Saturday. Thanks for making the trip down...come back to see us again...SOON!
A Family Shot
At Scotty's
Love Him :)
Connor brushing the sheep at Conner Prairie
Erin being her usual happy self
Connor waiting on us at the old fashion store
Auntie Honey wanted bread, chicken and biscuits
Mommy and Connor having tea
Erin with a pelt
Grandpa, Connor and Grandma
Connor riding in Auntie Honey's "fast car"...her orange, bug convertible. This is when they are driving! :)
Ready for bed
Connor and his best buddy Grandpa
Happy Baby playing with Daddy!

Fleece Jammies in August?

Connor got some new winter jammies the other day and insisted on wearing them to bed. Just a cute pic of my little man...who is almost FOUR...can you believe it?

The Lemon

Mom, Penny, Erin and I had a Girls Night Out last Friday night when all of the boys headed downtown to see the Colts play. We did some shopping and then had a yummy dinner at Bonefish Grill. Erin was getting a little antsy at dinner, so we gave her a lemon...the faces she was making were HILARIOUS...but she kept going back to the lemons! Here is a cute pic and a short video!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Erin's on the Move

Here are a couple quick videos of Erin moving. She can crawl, but prefers to use her perfected "scoot". Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Erin's 9 Month (Actually 10 Month) Well Baby Visit

Erin had her 9 month well baby visit a week or so ago...he was actually closer to ten months at the time, but who is counting!

She weighed in at 21 pounds (90th percentile) and almost 30 inches tall (95th percentile).
She is now sitting up from her back and stomach, eating table food like a champ, crawling a little bit but moving a TON by doing this crazy move while sitting up and bending her legs...it is strange, but it gets her where she wants to be. She is in to EVERYTHING and LOVES all of Connor's toys way more then her own...letting the bugging her older brother begin!

Chicago Trip July 2011

The kids and I took a trip up to Chicago at the end of July and had a great time! We started off visiting Erin, Cole, Kendall and the Cowan family and had an AMAZING time! I was so nice to spend some quality time with my BFF and I miss her a ton!
After the visit with Erin, we made our way to Ben and Julia's to spend some time with Griffin AND our adorable new nephew/cousin Duncan. We had a wonderful time and I hope my visit was helpful to the new family!
Sorry the pictures are in a weird order...I had a little trouble downloading (what's new! :)).
Connor making his own pizza at lunch with Auntie Honey. Such a cute idea and he LOVED it!
After lunch, Connor was able to ride in Auntie Honey's cool "fast" car as he calls it when we went out for ice cream. He is still talking about his ride with Auntie Honey!
Don't they look cool! :)
Erin at lunch
Connor at lunch with his new guy
Group shot
Our adorable brand new nephew/cousin Duncan Caldwell Pucci
All four Pucci grandchildren (BEFORE Erin took a head dive off of the couch!): Connor, Duncan, Erin and Griffin
Unfortunately the only picture I took from our time with Erin, Kendall and Cole. The kids watching a movie/having a sleep over together. TOO CUTE! :)