Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My two precious giraffes!
LOVE this outtake! I swear Connor was not hitting Erin here...she started to fall over and he was trying to help catch her. Sure does look funny, doesn't it? :)

On our way to Zoo Boo...Trick or Treating at the Indianapolis Zoo

Connor and Daddy with a fellow giraffe

Mommy and Erin with the giraffes

Trick or Treating at Meme and Pops'

You will note that Connor is no longer a giraffe, but a dinosaur! THANK GOD for Aunt Kate...we were at their home eating dinner prior to Trick or Treating and Connor got a little caught up in the excitement and forgot to tell us he needed to go potty. Again, THANK GOD Aunt Kate had an extra costume and Connor was all about being a dinosaur when he saw it. PHEW...crisis averted! :)

Jack, Olivia, Patrick, Connor, Maggie and Katie

All the kiddos (and Erin) ready to go get some candy!

Connor's Family Birthday Celebration

Connor followed up his fun Friday with a great family birthday party on Saturday. Here are some pictures from the party and from his birthday weekend...again, in a random order (I don't have time to move things around to put them in the right order...I am lucky I am even getting this post done! :)).

Thanks to all our friend and family for making Connor's third birthday FANTASTIC!
Grandma and Grandpa with Connor and Erin on one of their last nights in Indy.

Connor in his new Buzz Light Year jammies that he LOVES!

Everyone singing him Happy Birthday! Getting ready to help Mom cut the cake...

Family Photo

Closer family photo

Blowing out the candles

Farm Cake

He has wanted this Little People A to Z Learning Zoo FOREVER!

Opening the Learning Zoo

Opening Gifts

Waiting patiently for everyone to gather in the family room for gift opening!

He is one spoiled kiddo! :) THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Connor's Third Birthday at Monkey Joe's

Connor had a great third birthday weekend! He started off his birthday celebration with his friend party at a bounce place here in Indy called Monkey Joe's. He LOVES it here and had a great time at his party.
We did have a small mishap when we first arrived (and we arrived about 30 minutes before the party started) as Connor jumped off of a slide and hurt his arm, so he refused to play on anything until the last 20 minutes of the party. Kind of funny since he loves it at Monkey Joe's, but I guess so is life with a three year old! :)
Here are some pictures in a TOTALLY random order!
Uncle Slimmy in the Monkey Joe's chair with Katie and Maggie

Sofia holding Erin

Blowing out the candles!
A surprise visit from Monkey Joe himself!

Erin enjoying the party, too!

Grandma Kris in the birthday chair because Connor would not sit in it!

Eating birthday cake!
Maryn, Katie and Sofia singing Happy Birthday to Connor!

Connor's Big Bird and Elmo cake...he is really not that in to Sesame Street, we think he just wanted the cake because it had "guys" on it! :)

A surprise gift from Monkey Joe

Daddy in the special chair

Dominic striking a pose in the birthday chair!

Kid Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of the kids! :)

Sleepy Erin

I see you!

Helping Grandpa sweet the acorns off the driveway

One of Connor's favorite things...Vanilla Ice Cream Cones!
Grandpa Tom and Connor at Monical's enjoying dinner.


Our adorable three year old!

Do you think we have enough guys? :)

Playing golf

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa Tom's Birthday

What a wonderful weekend we had at the Murphy home! My brother, Julia and Griffin came down for a visit and to meet sweet Erin! We were able to celebrate Grandpa Tom's birthday and it was so much fun to see Connor and Griffin playing so well together!
Singing Happy Birthday and helping Grandpa Tom blow out his candles

How cute is Griffin?
Griffin was ALL ABOUT his older cousin and would just follow him around trying to do what he did all weekend. This is a perfect look from Grif as he looks up to Connor!

Grandpa and his boys

A fun inside game of chase