Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few More Pictures...

Here are a few more pictures I forgot to include in the Christmas/Holiday post...

Train Conductor Griffin

Connor and Libby playing in the new house and tunnels C got for Christmas...note Connor is not wearing any pants (I am ready for the phase of him not wanting to wear pants to be OVER) and at one point they both came out with Connor wearing one of Libby's bows in his hair. You could say we were all having fun with that one!

The two red heads...Libby and Griffin!

Pat was super excited to make homemade Egg McMuffins when the Pucci's were visiting...we couldn't find a metal, round cookie cutter so we used an empty cherry pie filling can. They were YUMMY!

Two cousins having fun!

Big Boy Undies!

Auntie Erin AND Gaga Kris BOTH sent Connor big boy undies for Christmas. Not sure we are ready for potty training yet, but the bug is getting around this house. We opened the undies from Er first (Lightening McQueen) and he was so excited he wanted to put all five pairs on over his diaper right away. You can't really tell from the photos, but he does have all five pairs on! :)

Children's Museum - Griffin and Connor

While Ben, Julia and Griffin were down visiting, we took the boys to the Children's Museum. Indianapolis has a GREAT Children's Museum and we had a blast!

Zac Brown Band Concert

Pat surprised me with AMAZING Zac Brown Band concert tickets a on 12/29 and we had a GREAT time at the concert. We had four tickets and were super lucky to be able to bring our friends, Michelle and Kent, who were in town visiting from LA. Michelle is a dear friend from my days at IU and we don't get a chance to see each other all that often, so it was GREAT to spend the night with them. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with us in them, but here are a few from the show. May have been the BEST concert I have ever been to! Thanks baby for a great night!!

Christmas/Holidays 2010

What a GREAT Christmas! Connor was so much fun as he LOVED opening gifts and had so much fun doing it. He wasn't even like a typical two year old...he didn't even care to play with the toys he was opening, he just wanted to keep opening gifts...TOO CUTE!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve Celebration with Meme and Pops (mass at St. Luke and then a FANTASTIC dinner with Pat's parents!) and then a super fun Christmas Day celebration at our house where we added Maryjane, Jon, Ryan, Jeni, Cole and Mae. We all had a blast!
Then, Ben, Julia and Griffin came down for New Years Eve and New Years Day and we had a belated Christmas Celebration, a laid back NYE at home and then the Annual Murphy New Years Day Open House on Friday. Good times...good times!

We had a GREAT two weeks, enjoyed all the family that came to visit and had a blast with our two year old little angel!
Connor's First Gingerbread House that he made at a Holiday Open House

Christmas Eve in my church outfit!
Merry Christmas!

Laughing with Mama

"Meme's Snowball Fight" in my Santa Hat...

Christmas Morning...note the COOL kitchen Santa brought Connor!

Christmas Night with Murphy Clan...LOVE my new Hot Pad and spoons for my kitchen. Thanks Meme and Pops!

Cletus and Owen getting in on the Christmas fun!

Opening Gifts with Ben, Julia and Griffin on NYE

Happy 2010!