Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy LOVES Taking These Pictures

I guess that they think with a name like Connor Patrick Murphy I am destined to enjoy this beverage...when I turn 21 in 20 1/2 more years! :)

Stuart, FL: Trip to Visit Pucci's and Ben & Julia's Wedding

We just got back from a great time visiting my parents in Stuart, FL. The main reason we made this trip down was to celebrate Ben and Julia's wedding over Memorial Day weekend. They got married in a very private and intimate ceremony on the beach and then we had a nice dinner/reception back at the Marriott on Hutchinson Island. They both looked wonderful (Julia's dress was GORGEOUS) and we had a great time. CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE JULIE AND UNCLE BEN!

Here are some pictures from the week! :)

I love to hang out by the pool!

Grandma and Grandpa's friends gave them this car for me to use when I am down here and I LOVE it!

Silly Uncle Ben

Mommy let me try "biter biscuits" while I was down here and I love them! Plus they keep me occupied while the adults try to eat!

The proud parents of the groom...doesn't everyone look great! :)

The gorgeous couple

The beach was BEAUTIFUL!

Isn't this a great picture...can't wait to see the ones the photographer took!

Uncle Ben and Auntie Julia

Murphy Family Trip to Orlando

We went on a Murphy Family vacation at the beginning of May with Pat's parents, his brother Ryan, sister-in-law Jeni and nephew Cole (we missed you Maryjane and Jon). We stayed at a beautiful home at the Ginn Reunion Resort (thanks Mike and Lisa) and spent our days around the pool and water park and our nights on the deck enjoying yummy adult beverages and partaking in great conversation.

We also spent a day at Disney World where my parents came up from Stuart to meet us. We had a great day and Connor was able to enjoy most of the rides in Fantasyland. Can't wait until he "understands" Disney and I hope he likes it as much as we do!

Daddy and Connor hanging out after playing at the water park

I LOVED the water park! and the pool!

Disney World - Mommy wishes I would wear my sunglasses! :)

They let me stay up for Illuminations at Epcot and I did not get scared or really cry at all! I LOVE my new Dumbo from Grandma and Grandpa Pucci (I hug it all the time) and my light toy from Meme and Pops (I eat it all the time!)

Grandma Pucci, Mommy and Connor

Cole Ryan Murphy

Connor Patrick Murphy

Keeping the boys entertained during dinner

Ryan, Jeni and Cole

Getting ready for a golf cart ride...

Meme and Connor

Daddy and Connor looking good for dinner!

The Indianapolis Mini Marathon

Well...I did it! When I was pregnant with Connor I went to watch my sister-in-law (Maryjane) run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and I told myself that I wanted to do it after Connor was born. I started training in January and ran the race on May 3rd. I ran the entire race with two good friends, Natalie Gilbert and Cindy Todd and we finished in 2 hours and 25 minutes. My goal was 2 hours and 30 minutes so I was very happy with my time...and the fact that we ran the entire thing. It was a great time...and a great accomplishment.

It was also enjoyable because some of Pat's family came in to town to run as well...Pat's cousin Matthew and Caitlin (his cousin Crew's girlfriend). We ended the day with a cook out at Pat's Mom and Dad's and had a great time!

What a fun day!

Natalie and D ready for the big race...Nat is a great friend and a wonderful running partner! :) I could not have done this race without her!

Matthew, D, Natalie and Caitlin

Cindy, Natalie and D RUNNING! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

6 Months Old

WOW...I can't believe that Connor has already celebrated his half birthday. These 6 months have been the best 6 months of our lives and we can't wait for the next 6! :)

He had his 6 month checkup this week and everything looks great! :) He now weighs in at 19 pounds 15 ounces (98th percentile) and is 28 inches long (95th percentile). We have a big boy on our hands who has legs that should help him out on the football field someday.

He is now able to eat Stage 2 foods (including the meats...and, any suggestions on how to get them to eat those meats would be greatly appreciated...he dislikes them very much at this point) and is pretty much sitting up on his own. We still put the boppy behind him (he gets lazy sometimes) but he should be sitting fully on his own any day now.

I run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon on Saturday and then we leave for Orlando on Sunday (vacation with Pat's parents, Ryan, Jeni and Cole - plus we will be meeting up with my parents at Disney one day). I will post pictures from both events when we get back!